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Criminal Law

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Being arrested and charged with a crime can be scary and embarrassing. You may be wondering about the consequences.

Will I go to prison?

Will I be deported?

Will I lose my job?

Can I pay a criminal defense attorney?

Will I get stuck with a public defender?

I’m innocent, how do I prove it?

We've been fighting for you since 1992

At Herrera Injury Law, you can count on the services of an experienced lawyer, especially with regard to criminal cases. With nearly 20 years of experience in criminal law, as well as extensive courtroom experience, we use our persuasive abilities to get the results you want. Whether you or a loved one have been charged with drunk driving, drug possession, domestic violence, or any other crime, we are here to defend your rights.

There are many different crimes that fall under Criminal Law — misdemeanors, felonies, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession or DWI, Sexual Assault, to name a few. Whether prosecuting or defending, lawyers in the criminal justice process have to understand and abide by a complex set of rules designed to ensure that you receive a fair trial. Because the law is complex and comprehensive, you need an El Paso criminal defense lawyer like Jesse Herrera to provide you with the legal counsel you rightfully deserve.

If you, or a family member, have been convicted of a crime, or even if you are just being questioned, give Herrera Injury Law a call today and we will give you the information and help that you need.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Hire Us?

If you take advantage of our free consultation and decide to hire us, you will be hiring one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in El Paso. It may surprise you but, many criminal defense attorneys have never taken a case to trial. Instead, they persuade their clients to take a plea deal that is less than they could have gotten. We don’t shy away from taking a case to trial when your freedom is in jeopardy. However, our reputation and no fear approach gives us superior negotiating power that we use to work out the best possible plea deal.

Avoid going to county jail or state prison

Reduce your sentence

Reduce or eliminate fines and penalties

Reduce a felony to a misdemeanor

Have your case dismissed

Establish your innocence

No other criminal defense attorney is better suited to handle your criminal case. No other criminal defense attorney will fight harder for you. No other criminal defense attorney will give your case more personal attention.

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